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Moscow Chabad Jewish community “Sredi Svoih”
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Hello! Shalom!

We are the “Sredi Svoih” community (

“Sredi Svoih” is a Chabad community, which makes it friendly, hearty and welcoming to the Jewish people.

If you will going to Moscow, we will feel very glad to see you in our community. There is a plenty of reasons for visiting us: weekday services, Shabbos and holiday celebrations and many other occasions.

Anyway, why look for a reason? We can always offer and electric socket, wi-fi and a cup of coffee so that you can work or do whatever you are up to comfortably.:)

“Sredi Swoih” is also a Jewish business community. If you have business matters in Moscow, we will be pleased to provide them with informational support, useful contacts, etc.

Weekday services are held at 08:00 am on Mondays and Thursdays. Shabbos services start at 7:40 pm on Fridays and 11:00 am on Saturdays, whenever Shabbat itself begins.

We would like to invite you to spend Shabbos with us! You will have an opportunity to feel the unique atmosphere of Shabbat in our community. Be our guest at Kiddush and meals.

There are two things you need to join us, which are: your wish and…your Jewish mom :)

Recommended dress code: kosher, elegant.

If your want to spend the entire Shabbat or Holiday in the community, book yourself a sleeping place - just send your request to by 11:00 am Friday or Holiday eve respectively.

If you want to be closer to us, try looking for an apartment on Airbnb or

Feel yourself at home in our community! Try it this Shabbos, for instance!

Our location: 14 L’va Tolstogo st., Moscow

Tel.: +7 495 78 613 78

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